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Facultative QS Committee



Facultative QS Committee


Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering

Dr. Sunarti Abd Rahman


Industrial Sciences & Technology

Assoc Prof. Dr. Chong Kwok Feng


Civil Engineering & Earth Resources

Mr. Noram Irwan Ramli


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Dr Mohd Syakirin Ramli


Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Zamzuri Hamedon


Mechanical Engineering

Dr Erny Afiza Alias


Engineering Technology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andri Kusbiantoro


Computer Systems & Software Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mazlina Abd Majid


Industrial Management

Dr. Irene Ting Wei Kiong


Centre for Modern Language & Human Sciences

Dr. Hafizoah Kassim

The committee will be made up of representatives of full-time faculty members and administrative staff, both who have the following non-exhaustive functions:

  1. Attend meetings related to the University’s QS University Rankings at UMP. Committee members must send notice(s) to the committee secretary, Puan Hazlina Faizal, if you cannot attend a meeting; it is much appreciated that you send an alternate for the meeting.
  2. Prepare for the meeting(s) by reading any given agenda. Committee members should be participative by raising and discussing relevant points during the meeting; it is much appreciated that you email the points to Puan Hazlina Faizal before the meeting.
  3. Discuss any relevant matters that require decisions prior to the meeting via emails with Puan Hazlina Faizal. Committee members should contribute to discussion towards the improved QS University Rankings of UMP; any suggestions/recommendations made by them go to the meeting(s) for a final decision.
  4. Report back to their respective faculties, being faculty representatives. Committee members should take any necessary follow-up action(s); it is much appreciated that you can update Puan Hazlina Faizal from time to time about your QS works in progress.

In addition to those functions, the committee members must:

  1. Have a clear understanding of the QS University Rankings and the University’s QS University Rankings Strategic Plan at UMP.
  2. Implement strategies related to QS at the respective faculties of UMP.
  3. Ensure that their respective faculties follow the University’s QS University Rankings Strategic Plan at UMP.
  4. Undertake periodical reviews of the effectiveness of QS-related strategies at UMP.
  5. The appointment letters will be issued and send to you soon.