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The Corporate & Quality Affairs Centre was initially known as the Quality Unit and since its inception in August 2002, was responsible to the Rector. From June 2005 to December 2006, this unit had been placed under supervision of the Registry Department but its basic functions remained unchanged. In January 2007, the unit expanded and became a Responsibility Centre or Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTJ) known as the Corporate Development & Quality Management Centre or Pusat Pembangunan Korporat & Pengurusan Kualiti (PPKPK) based on recommendations from the Organizational Chart Refining Committee. The proposal was approved by the University Board of Directors or Lembaga Pengarah Universiti (LPU) in its No. 4/2006 meeting

In August 2015, the University Management Committee or Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Universiti (JKPU) Meeting No. 3 approved the restructuring and upgrading of PPKPK to the current JHKK. The transformation from PPKPK into JHKK involves the empowerment of its functions and roles to incorporate Strategy & Control Management, Sustainability Management and Quality Management & Rating. To ensure that the functions and roles of JHKK can be implemented efficiently, the coordination and reviewing process of the JHKK administration and staffing was done regularly. The review of job requirements and work process improvement was conducted in a series of discussions, meetings and workshops at the departmental level. As a result, an updated organizational structure of the department was proposed and agreed upon at the JHKK management level. The departmental meeting chaired by the Assistant Vice-Chancellor at JHKK on 3 February 2016 endorsed the proposed organizational structure and latest positions at JHKK to be tabled to JKPU for approval.